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Tasmanian VFL side resurrected????

During the recent press conference with Gilligan and the Tassie premier Rockcliffe he (the premier) made several references to VFL games being played on this brand new stadium that Gilligan is insisting on for Tassie to get their AFL licence - does that mean there will be a Tassie team in the comp once again? Or will North play there under a Mickey mouse name like they do now with AFLW matches?

AFL Delistings 2022

Here they are:

Adelaide: Luke Brown (ret), Ben Davis (del), James Rowe (del), Brett Turner (del)

Brisbane: Mitchell Cox (del), Mitch Robinson (ret), Ely Smith (del), Deividas Uosis (del)

Carlton: Will Hayes (del), Oscar McDonald (del), Jack Newnes (del), Luke Parks (del), Liam Stocker (del), Tom Williamson (del)

Collingwood: Callum Brown (del), Tyler Brown (del), Isaac Chugg (del), Liam McMahon (del), Jordan Roughead (ret)