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VFL Tipping comp 2008
VFL TIPPING COMP 2008 The VFL Tipping comp is back again for another year. This will be the nineth season of VFL Tipping. The cost will be $20 for the season. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PAYOUTS FOR THE SEASON INCLUDE- Based on 110 tipsters 110 x $20 = $2200 Top three prizegetters 1st $600 2nd $350 3rd $170 Aggregate Score Tipster nearest the aggregate score for the ABC match of the day to collect $40 12 x $40 = $480 For rounds 1/2/3/5/7/9/11/13/15/17/19/20 Seven Winners If no tipster selects all seven winners prizemoney will jackpot to the following week. If more than one tipster selects seven winners, the tipster nearest the ABC match of the day (aggregate score) to collect. 20 x $30 = $600 Weekly results with spreadsheet as well as ladders, scores and next weeks matches sent each Monday. A weekly tipping reminder will be sent every Friday arvo. Also results will be on the website on a weekly basis. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alignments Carlton= Northern Bullants (Preston) Western Bulldogs (Footscray) = Williamstown Melbourne = Sandringham Hawthorn = Box Hill Essendon = Bendigo Frankston stand alone Port Melbourne stand alone Geelong stand alone Tasmania stand alone Collingwood stand alone North Melbourne = North Ballarat (part alignment) North Melbourne = Werribee (part alignment) Richmond = Coburg St Kilda = Casey (ex Springvale) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Final ladder for 2007 Sandringham 60, Geelong 56, Coburg 52, Williamstown 44, North Ballarat 40, Casey 38, Port Melbourne 34, Bendigo 32, Northern Bullants 32, Werribee 28, Frankston 26, Box Hill 18, Tasmania 8 VFL GRAND FINAL Geelong defeated Coburg -------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL PLACINGS for 2007 VFL tipping comp 1st Mudassar 82 2nd Blackrocker 'Doug Newington' 81 2nd Beachy 'Adam Beach' 81 4th Brett Gillett 80 5th John Shaw 79 6th Gavin Inglis 78 7th Edgar 77 8th Chris Douglas 76 8th Denis Lacy 76 8th Greg Stephens 76 8th Keith Turner 76 8th Macca 76 8th Shane Ryan 'Wicker' 76 14th Bendigo Bombers- Gary 75 14th Ashtray 'Dave Phillips' 75 14th David Lumley 75 14th Fitzy 75 14th Itzi 75 14th Jason Borough 75 14th Jason Liebers 'Gillon' 75 14th Jason Siddaway 75 14th Mick CUB 75 14th Rick Dennis 75 24th Brad Jamison 'Footyman' 74 24th Ian Gee 74 24th Rick Woodtsock 74 24th Trent 74 28th Alan Schuback 73 28th Alex Boyke 73 28th Bobby Borough 73 28th Frankston Boy 73 28th Hoffo 73 28th Kain 'Casey' Pollard 73 28th Saint John 73 35th Ben 72 35th Ian Crocker 72 35th Jeff Smith 72 35th Justine 72 35th Mal Williams 72 40th Parry 71 40th Penguin 71 40th Scotty Archibald 71 43rd Andrew Lang 70 43rd Angelo 70 43rd Darren Tudor 70 43rd David Ribchester 70 43rd Filesy 70 43rd Olga Starks 70 43rd Stephen Davies 70 43rd Warren Driscoll 70 51st Daniel 69 51st Darren Hayes 69 51st Doug Egerton 69 51st Keith Lumley 69 51st Phil Clark 69 51st Zebra Dave 69 57th Arthur Paul 68 57th Billy Oakleigh 68 57th Frank Slater 68 57th George 68 57th Stephen Allender 68 57th Willo 68 63rd Adam 67 63rd Aimee Slater 67 63rd Barry Hemsley 67 63rd Billy Hector 67 63rd Foz 67 63rd Tongue 67 63rd Trevor Clarke 67 63rd Tristan 67 71st Craig Marsden 66 71st Zebraman 66 73rd Jamie Sawyer 65 73rd Jim 65 73rd Justin Pink 65 73rd Peter Castleman 65 73rd Rosalyn 65 73rd Sheeds 65 73rd Speedy 65 80th Don 64 80th Gibbo 64 80th Mic Rees 64 83rd Bananaman 63 83rd Felicia 63 83rd Robyn Warwick 63 86th Con Milonas 62 86th Hollywood Hogan- Adam Slater 62 86th Terry Day 62 89th Dave Hardiman 61 89th Glen Barnard 61 89th Pat Kangaroos 61 89th Tony Ropes 61 93rd Alan Bullant 60 93rd Robert Pearman 60 93rd Sally 60 96th Hoggy 59 96th Paul Saints 59 98th Garry Hayes 58 98th Gary Marsden 58 98th Graham Cooper 58 101st Arthur M 56 102nd & LAST Vaughan 55 (Carlton award) --------------------------------------- Hoping for as many as 120 tipsters for the coming season. Onslaught will also publish results on the vflfooty website like he has in the past few seasons. I will send another email reminder again on Monday or Tuesday of next as the season starts on Saturday March 29. The more tipsters the merrier. ROUND 1 matches arwe as follows Saqturday March 29 Coburg v Geelong at Coburg City Oval (ABC match of the day) # pick the aggregate score for this match Bendigo v Tasmania at Windy Hill Collingwood v Port Melbourne at MC Labour Park (Princes Park) North Ballarat v Box Hill at Austar Arena North Ballarat Werribee v Williamstown at Barter Card Oval Chirnside Park Sunday March 30 Frankston v Northern Bullants at Frankston Oval Sandringham v Casey Scorpions at Trevor Barker Beach Oval For those that will join for the first time you can send us a private message where I can then send you the email address to send tips in.
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