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VFL Record Errors!

The low standard at AFL Victoria have continued with the VFL Record showing THREE errors in the Round 19 fixture in this weekends VFL record. Great promotion of the competition isnt it when the wrong times and venues are listed for the next round.

Werribee v Geelong is at 7pm - not 2pm as shown.
Collingwood's game is at Visy Park and has been for weeks...yet they still show it as TBA.
And Bendigo's QEO has been shut down for months, yet apparently the Bombers v Roosters game next week is at QEO.

Pathetic really, they fiddle around with the draw, move games here there and everywhere yet don't bother to fix the VFL Record.

It's so sloppy, but we shouldn't be surprised. Highly unprofessional. Is anybody in there accountable for getting the basics right?