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TAC Cup Round 15
Results from the weekend and just a few random thoughts on a couple of games. Western Jets 2.2 6.2 11.7 13.11 (89) Calder Cannons 1.3 4.6 6.12 12.14 (86) GOALS: Western Jets: Fitzpatrick 3 Haby 2 Banner 2 Kennedy Notman Di Martino Robbins Koroneos Schroder Calder Cannons: Talia 2 Thompson 2 Ezard Pickering Temel McCallum Lucin Dove Joyce White BEST: Western Jets: Carroll Haby Notman Schroder Robbins Lunardi Calder Cannons: Talia McCallum Joyce Dove White Woodburn -------------------------------------------------------- Geelong Falcons 2.2 9.5 12.6 18.8 (116) Bendigo Pioneers 2.3 5.4 8.6 9.11 (65) GOALS: Geelong Falcons: Bucovaz 5 Jull 3 Simpkin 3 Denton 2 Dangerfield 2 Hollmer Thompson Jones Bendigo Pioneers: Richardson 3 Irwin-Hill 2 Gilmore McKee Healey Filo BEST: Geelong Falcons: Bucovaz Sutcliffe Denton Rounds Lynch Hughes Bendigo Pioneers: Geary Smith Petrie Healey Irwin-Hill Craig An even first quarter at Skilled Stadium on Saturday between Geelong and Bendigo, but Geelong took over from quarter time. Ben Bucovaz presented strongly and kicked five goals up forward, Jull three and Tom Simpkin in a different role on a wing and up forward kicked three goals as well. Falcons had an enormous amount of rotations, most of the team had a run in the midfield at some stage of the day. They’ve got some really good running types – Christensen, Jull, Hunt, Lynch, Rounds, Hughes, Denton, Bartlett and Fisher – Fisher I thought particularly good especially during the first half. You’d think they’ve got a side who are very capable of giving the premiership a shake, but it will be interesting to see how they use their taller guys come the finals. Perhaps they’re a tall short? Oliver Robertson rucked, but they had to throw Delaney, Jones and Hollmer in there as back up during the afternoon. If only they had Ayce Cordy available. Bendigo lack the talent across the board – at least Sam Irwin-Hill up forward took some strong marks and kicked a couple of goals, and Kallen Geary, Torin Petrie, Matthew Smith and Ryan Gillingham worked hard all day. ----------------------------------------------------------- Eastern Ranges 5.1 9.2 13.6 13.9 (87) Gippsland Power 3.1 4.5 8.6 11.8 (74) GOALS: Eastern Ranges: Kitchin 3 Cass 3 Harding Blease Mathers Shiels Griffiths La Marca Dyson Gippsland Power: Butcher 4 Heyne 2 Lehman Hoghton Weston Blair Golby BEST: Eastern Ranges: Sloane Van Unen Gysberts Moore Kitchin Brown Gippsland Power: Francis Stevens Dessent Blair Lehman Stockdale --------------------------------------------------------------- Oakleigh Chargers 4.2 5.4 6.4 8.6 (54) Dandenong Stingrays 0.3 3.8 6.12 8.13 (61) GOALS: Oakleigh Chargers: Sibosado 4 Lisle 2 Hoegel Nicolopoulos Dandenong Stingrays: Purves 2 Heddles 2 Gaertner 2 Bastinac Mold BEST: Oakleigh Chargers: Hannebery Gotch Clarke Purcell Lisle Sibosado Dandenong Stingrays: Savage Heddles Purves Ferraro Rogasch Gillies Sunday was disappointing, the clubs had virtually full squads back for the first time in months and the weather turned nasty for the occasion. The game at Oakleigh never reached great heights. The conditions really highlighted who was tough…and who wasn’t. The Chargers kicked the first four goals - Kilpin, Hannebery and the rest of the Oakleigh midfield were gathering plenty of possessions and pumping it forward quickly. It took Dandenong until time on in the first quarter to register their first score. But from qtr time onwards the momentum swung the way of the Stingrays and although it took them a while to peg back the Oakleigh lead they were playing the better footy. Ferraro worked really hard through the midfield, and bottom agers Savage, Bastinac and Scully were performing well. Oakleigh did their traditional shuffle around of positions at half time with some of the first half defenders turning into second half forwards and vice versa. Gaertner had an exceptional third quarter up forward kicking a couple of goals and was using his athleticism (and his opponents lack of it) to his advantage. Also it was good to see John Nicolopoulos back in his first game for Oakleigh since April. ----------------------------------------------------------- Sandringham Dragons 2.6 2.10 7.15 10.18 (78 ) North Ballarat Rebels 1.1 5.4 7.5 8.9 (57) GOALS: Sandringham Dragons: Vickery 2 Martin Suckling Lynch McGarry Brown Noonan Hunt Gilchrist North Ballarat Rebels: Hooper 3 McKenzie 2 Ruffles Weadon Astbury BEST: Sandringham Dragons: Vickery Martin Elkman Gleadhill Suckling McGarry North Ballarat Rebels: Suban Weadon McKenzie Hooper Ross-Smith Hobbs ---------------------------------------------------------------- Northern Knights 1.4 5.7 6.8 9.12 (66) Murray Bushrangers 5.0 8.4 11.5 13.11 (89) GOALS: Northern Knights: Wallace 2 Dornauf Woods Stanton Zaharakis Walsh Hill Hurley Murray Bushrangers: Rockliff 4 Mangan 3 Duryea Priest Wright Martiniello Craven McNeil BEST: Northern Knights: Hill Hurley Woods Kelly Boyden Zaharakis Murray Bushrangers: Rockliff Duryea Mangan Priest Klemke McNeil
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