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TAC Cup 2013 Opportunity

Good morning everyone,

As I'm sure you're aware, the TAC Cup doesn't get the coverage that other leagues receive despite developing the majority of future AFL players.

In 2013, I am going to bridge that gap. I and a group of TAC Cup fans will be travelling to TAC Cup matches throughout the season to provide various articles for the website

Basically it will include a Round Summary (summarising each match in a paragraph each Monday like you'd see for a Wrap in the AFL); various interviews, feature articles and news reports on the TAC Cup which we are aiming to focus on for the website.

You may not have heard of us as we were only founded last year, but with 30 writers already, we are slowly growing and gaining more publicity. I have taken the initiative to organise a group to go to all the TAC Cup matches and basically not only report the key players, scores and goal kickers, but also gain valuable experience while watching great footy.

Obviously it's all volunteer work, but for those interested in getting published and building their CV while also contributing to the rise of TAC Cup promotion, then this could be for you.

There is an additional aspect which includes scouting players who impress, particularly those expected to be drafted later in the year. This will go towards publishing a draft portfolio which will be shown to AFL Victoria and get your name out there.

It does require commitment and whether you're able to get to a number of games but if anyone is keen, they can PM me on here and I'm happy to answer any questions and give more detailed information.


Pie 4 Life (Peter)