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Round 11 - Devils v Werribee
Tasmania v Werribee at Bellerive Oval, Hobart Saturday 21st of June at 1:10 pm If I’m not mistaken the Devils have not beaten Werribee in a regular season match in there short history. However the Devils did win a preseason game against the Tigers this year and are playing better this season and even more so over the last fort night under Spaulding since you know who left. By all reports Werribee are having some problems with there Kangaroos alignment. I feel sorry for Werribee as I assume they were left with little choice when we ditched the Kangaroos and the Western Bulldogs walked out on the Tigers. Hope they will be able to tell the Kangaroos to F off like we did some time soon for there sake. Any way a chance for the Devils to notch up there first win against Werribee (?) and more importantly settle some scores with those Kangaroos runts. Devils by 20 +
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