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[b]Port Melbourne v Coburg Tigers Saturday 6th August TEAC Oval at 1.10pm ABC TV SEN Radio[/b] [b]Port Melbourne[/b] B Obst Baird Trotter HB Pratt Perry J. Smith C Schwarze Stevens Perkins HF Harding Ch. Jones Lawrence F Cotchett Le Cras Sansbury R McIntosh B. Robbins R. McMahon Int Shore Pitt Milhuissen S. Harvey Gibson Watson Rudd S. McMahon Hazell Alexander Thewlis Urch [b]Coburg Tigers[/b] B Rayson Silvester N. Raines HB Jackson Morrison Schultz C Randello Kuret Roach HF Meyer Jorgensen J. Houlihan F A. Houlihan Rix Hilton R Young Archibald A. Raines Int Rimington Bourke Edwards Gilmour McKinnon Polo Strachan Caruso Very handy to have Schwarze still in the side, I thought he would be a certainty to make his debut for North this weekend. I would be surprised if S. Harvey was picked in the side.