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Prelim Final: Coburg v Williamstown
Strange game wasn't it...something like an 80 point turnaround from time on in the second term to the final siren. You can't take anything away from Coburg can you, they didn't even go the game with 12 AFL players today, it was an 11-11 mix. And they got so much out of their VFL players. At 3/4 time it seemed Williamstown had the scoring end in the final term, and after kicking the first of the quarter and getting it back to 18 points it looked like they'd make a game of it. But that last 20 minutes of footy from Coburg was probably as dominant as anybody has played all year, some junk time goals sure, but if they can take that sort of game into next week they'll be a big chance to win. A 15.8 to 2.7 second half in any game let alone a Prelim Final against a side who had a week off, with more AFL listed players and an aligned partner who are still in normal training mode was bloody impressive.
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