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Port Melbourne season 2020 player movement

I cant believe that it is that time of the year again when we need to start another Port Melbourne player movement thread - as Rocky said to Paulie - "time goes tooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaast"..


Anyways to begin - a sad one and a player that will be hard to replace and will definetely be missed by the Borough. A player who through his Port Melbourne journey became more versatile the more he played. He had the ability to ruck, play forward and back. I'm of course talking of the retirement of Khan Heretuku who is retiring from VFL football. Had a great few seasons at Port being recruited by VFLFOOtys own Lauchie from Frankston in season 2015.

I feel like Port should look for another big man to replace Khan as it is often evident that the size difference against some of the AFL sides is a definite disadvantage.


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