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Favourite VFA clubs
In the old days especially with 2 Divisions, most of us had 2 maybe 3 clubs that we followed. You had your main team, a side from the other division and maybe another team that you didn't mind. Also what made you follow your VFA club/s. My teams are as follows and are in order (1) Northcote- Was my number one team. Had cousins that lived in Northcote and picked the Dragons as a kid. Great memories of Rodney Hogg, Brendan McArdle amd Stawell Gift winner Trevor McGregor running around. (2) Williamstown- picked out the seagulls as I liked their jumper and ground. Early memories were great players like Dallas Patterson. Kevin Jackman, Les Stillman and of course dallas Patterson. (3) Sunshine- watched them win in 1971 and liked the crows as they were battlers. Played a couple of reserves matches for the crows in 1982.
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A couple of good threads vfa :D For me my Three (can I have Four?) teams are/were... 1st) Williamstown: I was born at the Williamstown Hospital and for the first four years of my life (and many school holidays) I lived in Newport. Kinda have an attachment to the area and the team :) 2nd) Port Melbourne: Yes, Williamstown most hated rival, but have the upmost respect for that club for going it alone. Everytime I go to TEAC Oval you can just feel the passion. 3rd) Coburg: Another Seagulls rival. I justr liked the way they played footy last year, and you use to hear a bit about the Lions when I was living up in Broady - the club deserves so much more from the local area. 4th) Brunswick/Broadmeadows: Battlers in the last few years. Though I normally hate everything black and white, I was looking forward to a Broadmeadows VFA Side... sadly it never happened. On point 4 it was a shame it wasn't Collingwood heading up to Craigieburn. They could have revived "Brunswick/Broadmeadows" and the goal of them heading up there would have been achived. Special mention to Werribee because Stoney and Penna have been good mates for 8 years :) Peter.
We watched the VFA on Channel 0 ever Sunday arvo after our traditional Sunday roast. Occasionally we went to a game as our local VFA ground was a 10 minute walk from home. Sadly I dont' remember going to many because I was really little. Growing up in Kingsville right next door to Yarraville I followed Yarraville. My Mum always had a soft spot for Oakleigh, she never said why but it just meant we all ended up having a soft spot for them We had family in Geelong and they followed Geelong West, so I always kept an eye on how they were travelling.
I always had a fondness for Camberwell followed by Oakleigh,Williamstown and Prahran and would support them if they were not playing against Sandy. Most disliked would have to be Port,Frankston,Morrabbin and Springvale.
Growing up Sandy was my local VFA team, and went regularly. As a (hopeless) primary school footy player I once played in a curtain raiser on the Beach Oval before a VFA match. Went there again in a decade or so later with a couple of mates for a few matches (I think it had something to do with the sister of one of them being there). Supported the Saints when they played in the comp. Went to Springvale matches when it was aligned with St Kilda. Now solidly support the Scorps as my local team, and go to most h&a matches. I will not be transferring allegiance to Sandy when the Saints do. Have a bit of a soft spot for the dolphins.
I used to support my local club Prahran (Michael Sinni, Brian Taylor), and kept one eye on the results of Williamstown (bit of a soft spot for some of their veterans like Barry Round and Ian Rickman), and also Oakleigh (because at the time - early 90s - they were really struggling). Later played for Prahran (very badly!) when they re-entered the Ammos after taking over Southbank FC. Can honestly say now that I support the competition rather than a club. BTW George, do you happen to have the old Prahran Two Blues club logo by any chance? I note it's not there on the current icons page.
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MinkaBeaver, I can send you the Prahran logo. Send your email address on the p/m and I will then forward it on to you. Cheers George
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Camberwell I've only ever followed two clubs over 60 years. My Dad took me down to Camberwell[ (nearest VFA ground) for the first round of 1945. The crowd was so big that I couldn't see a thing 'til I got down to the fence at half time. We saw the home games and finals that year, and thereafter followed them everwhere. Dad died in 1975 (we saw the 1974 Grand Final Port V Oakleigh). I followed them until the bitter end in the depths of the amateurs. After their last game one of the players called the supporters in to the romms to sing the song to them. I think my sons and I were the sum total of the supporters! A far cry from the 12,000 odd who saw them win their 1979 flag! My sons had also follwed them from their earliest days 'til then. Port Melbourne I had a soft spot for Port Melbourne, as I'd seen them quite a bit in finals (Camberwell usaually did'nt feature at finals time!). I also felt a bit of sympathy for them, as they always seemed to be accused of being dirty, but I felt they were retaliators rather than instigators. My sons and I saw the 1993 Grand Final (v Werribee), Which confirmed my belief, and we have hardly missed a match since.


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The mighy Cobras! As with Lum, followed them through until their eventual demise after an unsuccessful venture into the Amateurs. As a kid my earliest memories were of running up the bluestone 'hills' in front of the grandstand. Unfortunately too young to remember the flags of 79 and 81. Other clubs.. Always liked the Oakleigh guernsey, and of course kept an eye on Port Melbourne in the 1st Division!


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[b]lum wrote[/b] [quote]I think my sons and I were the sum total of the supporters! [/quote] Oh come on lum, you know I was there! Teams: Camberwell 1st, Camberwell 2nd, Camberwell ... and like lum, supported them until the end. And now, go Roosters.
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Humble apologies Cobrascorer. Of course you were there! So there were four of us. As Maurice Chevalier used to sing- "Ah yes, I rwmember it well".