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Williamstown FC and their misquoting of facts

I've noticed two hastags in use by Williamstown on their social media accounts that really are bending the truth

1. #westandalone.  Yes Williamstown is a standalone entity, however along with Coburg they came late to the party only becoming standalone in 2014.  This hashtag should be Frankston's as they are the only VFA club not to sully themseleves with an AFL alignment.  Remember when Williamstown wore Collingwood jumpers and their club song was "Good Old Williamstown forever"?

2. #Chasing17.  It seems that Williamstown is a little inadequate and cannot accept they have 14 first division VFA premierships and 2 second division VFA premierships.  As it stands Port Melbourne have 17 first division premierships and Williamstown have 14 first division premierships.  I might add that it could be argued that Williamstown really only have 13 first division premierships as the 2003 premiership is really Collingwoods.  Anyway so it is 14 Premierships to Williamstown and 17 to Port Melbourne.

So to Williamstown FC, stop trying to compare yourselves to the premier team of the VFA Port Melbourne.  The simple fact is second division premierships are not the same as first division, so stop counting them that way.  It is sad, like Geelong trying to have their VFA flags added to their AFL count.

So when you lose on Sunday, I suggest that you go and watch the 2011 Grand Final and see how the first standalone team won a premiership.

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Comeng you have suprised me ! Earlier on in the week I thought you were going for Williamstown but now you are picking them for a loss! In any case good to see you have recovered and back to being a true Port Melbourne supporter !!

I agree with everything you have said - i was thinking of going on their facebook page and posting #chasing 17 - yes but how many were in division 1 ? !!!! Last time i posted on their page I got a lengthy ban !

17 PREMIERSHIPS, 21 X Runners up



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I go for all old vfa teams over any afl teams. Comeng you being a Fitzroy supporter how can you possibly go for Richmond. Paul Broderick, Michael gale, Dundas etc for a broken down Jeff hogg passed his best. For me friday night Richmond in afl all the way. In vfl Sunday seagulls all way. I know plenty of port supporters who will be cheering the seagulls on Sunday just like in 2017 where plenty of seagulls were cheering the borough. Landscape  has changed. It is arrogant afl v five standalone vfa teams. For me the vfa teams all the way. Second division is still a flag. I was there in 1976 where Willy won by 57 points. It is still a premiership although as you class it second division. You try telling frankston that their 1978 vfa second division does not count, you tell mordialloc supporters their 1977 flag does not count. You tell camberwell supporters their 1979 and 81 flags they dont count. The cobras still have great memories and plenty of reunions. Port and Sandy never played in second division. Although the zebras had to beat oakleigh in a rugged relegation game in 1976 to stay up. The dolphins can be proud as the only club never to be aligned with an afl team. The Collingwood alignment was not great and many supporters stayed away. Port supporters were also not happy with north Melbourne. Would love to see another standalone team but can't see the zebras going it alone. Preston, Springvale and box hill no hope whatsoever. Do not know where this comp will be in 2025 ? At least there is still 5 old vfa clubs still running around.


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VFA the thing is I won't be going for anyone on Sunday.  If the standalone team was Werribee, Frankston or Coburg I would seriously consider going and cheering them on.  Williamstown are a special case, I simply do not like them and could never support them.  I was hoping for a Port v Werribee grand final, but alas it was not to be.

Also, I am not saying that second division premerships do not count, of course they do.  However you can't just add second division and first division premierships together to get a total of VFA premierships.  The VFL is a continuation of the VFA first division, so only they can be added together.  I could break it down further like this:

Port Melbourne.  15 VFA 1st Division Premierships, 2 VFL standalone Premierships

Williamstown.  12 VFA 1st Division Premierships, 2 VFA 2nd Division Premierships, 1 VFL aligned premiership with Collingwood, 1 VFL standalone premiership


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Fair enough comeng. The breakdown of flags is as accurate reflection. As for Colin Carter Geelong president wanting to count vfa flags added to afl. He is dreaming. Carter has no hope of that proposal.

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Port /Werribee GF would have been interesting,  I was at Princess Park for the 1993 the last time they met in a  GF. It was a rough and physical game before the starting siren sounded. Port had targeted Werribee 's Jack Aziz, he had kicked 97 goals in the lead up to the GF and Port wanted to keep him out of the game. Jack was big enough to look after him self.

1993 VFA Grand Final    
Sunday, 19 September Port Melbourne def. by Werribee Princes Park (crowd: 14,389) [12]
  1.1 (7)
2.1 (13)
3.2 (20)
 4.4 (28)
1.4 (10)
4.6 (30)
7.9 (51)
 10.10 (70)
Umpires: D. Agnew, M. Nash
Norm Goss Memorial Medal: David Allday (Werribee)
Bailey 2, Hicks, Stynes Goals Geary 3, Lamont 3, Button 2, McDonald, Raeburn
Chrimes, for striking Aziz in the first quarter
Chrimes, for striking Lesiputty in the fourth quarter
Chrimes, for striking Lesiputty in the fourth quarter
Chrimes, for striking Wilson in the fourth quarter
Reports Aziz, for elbowing Barlow in the first quarter
MacPherson, for using abusive language towards emergency umpire McKernon
Rieniets, for striking King in the third quarter


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TV Ringside


I don't think anything they have said is factually incorrect. They do stand alone, and it will be their 17th flag.


But two are from the much lower standard second division!

Many second div Premiers failed badly when promoted.

We may as well count all the seconds and thirds flags as well!


I have no problem with you pointing that out, just as I have no problem with Williamstown pointing out they have won 16 senior flags as a club. They haven't said they're going to tie Port for the record, that would be misleading, they are just stating a fact about their premierships.

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Good on Williamstown for promoting it as their 17th flag if they win which It is. They are stand alone and they are promoting that as well. Would you say that Frankston have never won a flag ?? They won in 1978. Big deal if it is a vfa 2nd division it is still a flag. Williamstown won 2nd div in 1969 and runner up in div 1 following year. That was an ecception billy. What about Mitcham beating ringwood in div 2 efl hanging on with ringwood kick after the siren getting touched. Is that counted ? Of course it is. A senior flag is a senior flag not reserves or thirds but seniors. Williamstown have won 16 flags. They are not comparing themselves  to port. They are promoting the day well, drumming support and embracing the day. Hopefully they can win and there is no reason why they can't.