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I've noticed two hastags in use by Williamstown on their social media accounts that really are bending the truth

1. #westandalone.  Yes Williamstown is a standalone entity, however along with Coburg they came late to the party only becoming standalone in 2014.  This hashtag should be Frankston's as they are the only VFA club not to sully themseleves with an AFL alignment.  Remember when Williamstown wore Collingwood jumpers and their club song was "Good Old Williamstown forever"?

2. #Chasing17.  It seems that Williamstown is a little inadequate and cannot accept they have 14 first division VFA premierships and 2 second division VFA premierships.  As it stands Port Melbourne have 17 first division premierships and Williamstown have 14 first division premierships.  I might add that it could be argued that Williamstown really only have 13 first division premierships as the 2003 premiership is really Collingwoods.  Anyway so it is 14 Premierships to Williamstown and 17 to Port Melbourne.

So to Williamstown FC, stop trying to compare yourselves to the premier team of the VFA Port Melbourne.  The simple fact is second division premierships are not the same as first division, so stop counting them that way.  It is sad, like Geelong trying to have their VFA flags added to their AFL count.

So when you lose on Sunday, I suggest that you go and watch the 2011 Grand Final and see how the first standalone team won a premiership.