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New Williamstown CEO looking the goods

This is a fantastic idea which Jason Reddick has brought to the Williamstown Football Club, along with the 21% discount(based on 2014 prices) on club memberships. Hopefully all the Williamstown people get behind Jason Reddick and Trevor Monti and embrace this new era and these fantastic ideas.

The below material is from

The Williamstown Football Club held a Volunteer Appreciation Night on Monday 2nd March, thanking the many volunteers who give up their time to make Williamstown the club they are today.

Volunteers of the Football Club were invited down to Burbank Oval to watch training before being treated to a free BBQ and drinks, all prepared, cooked and served by the Williamstown staff and directors to show the Club’s appreciation of their devoted efforts..

After the meal, the entire playing group and coaching staff joined in, with the leadership players presenting each volunteer with their 2015 uniform and membership ticket..

Coach Andrew Collins also spoke about the pre-season to date, and introduced the 16 new recruits to come to the club.

CEO Jason Reddick summed up the occasion “Football clubs such as ours simply don’t exist without the endless hours of support that our volunteers provide. Tonight is a show of our gratitude to the volunteers for what they have delivered to the Club in the past and what we will ask of them going forward. I look forward to establishing the Volunteers Appreciation night as a tradition on our Club’s calendar”.