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maybe someone can help
Hi everyone first post here, although i have been reading what you have all been saying. Ok heres the deal................. I work in child care, was putting a sheet over one of the kids today so she wouldnt get cold(since she was lying neard the air con), i then moved my leg and there was a massive sharp pain. Went to the physio after iceing it for a bit, he taped it up for me, gave me crutchs, and i made another appointment for friday. He said i may have strained it, twisted it or most likely the knee cap has half popped out then gone back in. Im sure hes gonna do a few things to it to make sure theres not to much damages there(touch wood there isnt) and im sure he will give me exercises to strenghten the knee again. Was wondering if you guys/girls can recomen any as well? This happened at 12.20 today and there is still pain in the knee, so yeah just doing the RICE stuff, rest, ice, elevate and compression. Any help will be great.
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