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Hunting old Footy Records

I am trying to hunt down some old Footy Records and I am hoping that some people here may be able to help. The ones that I am looking for the most are:

* Alberton F.L. (pre-2000)
* Bass Valley-Wonthaggi Dist. F.L. (any season)
* East Gippsland F.L. (any season)
* Geelong & Dist. F.L. (pre-1995)
* Horsham & Dist. F.L. (any season)
* Hume F.L. (any season)
* Melbourne North F.L. (1988-1994)
* Nepean F.L. (any season prior to the merger with the MPFL in 1987)
* Panton Hill F.L. (any season)
* Riddell & Dist. F.L. (from the 1990s)
* Riviera F.L. (any season)
* South West Gippsland F.L. (any season)
* South West District F.L. (any season)
* Tatiara F.L. (any season)
* Upper Murray F.L. (any season)

If anyone has got some but couldn't bear to part with them, you could always forward a PDF of one/some Records. PM me if you can help this way.

I am also looking for a book called 'Country Footy 95', which, as its name suggests, was a league by league review of country footy in Victoria from 1995.

I am not actively looking for any other leagues unless they are from the 1990s or earlier, and I am not looking for anything AFL, VFL, VFA, SANFL, WAFL or TFL.


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