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Hi all, new, forgot to introduce myself.

Gday All

Been registered on here for a couple of months now. Forgot to introduce myself.
Only young 20 years old, so im not an old "fossil" as you call yourselves. Follow Werribee, mainly because immediate family live there. My uncle is pretty well known with the club my cousin plays with the u/19 after doing a pre-season with the VFL squad. Plus a few players from my local club, Darley, play or have played with the 2s at Werribee. One of my school teachers played over 100 games for the Roosters, but always gave us footy players at school crap beacuse he played VFL, had abit of an ego about him, made us watch the 2008 VFL grand final in class while we passed his medal around the class.

Stumbled across this site looking for a copy of the 2006 grand Final. After i refused to pay the ABC $49. George vfa happily helped me out. Just like watching the Local footy better than the AFL. Cheers.

oh and the guy in my display pic is Clint Bizzell. I have no idea why.