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Frankston.....can someone find the wheels and put them back on?

Ok, after watching the Dolphs lame performance at Coburg in Round 1 I made some comments about the lack of spirit showing in the team.....and fairly, a couple of people said I should wait and see.....

Since then, we've been smashed by Sandy at home and now heading for a worse whopping from Casey at home now can I officially say we have a problem?

It's apparent that the team is playing to a much different system to what Brett Lovett had them playing to. Lots of wide stuff, even in the confines of Frankston Park where we made a habit of hurting teams with down the guts football. Shannon Grant is an untried coach who is now gonna be 0/3 with a side that was seconds from a preliminary final last can that be if we're travelling well? Casey were bottom of the table before coming to us today!

Importantly, can somebody tell me where Michael Lourey is? He was a great spark for us up forward last season. This season it's clear that Aaron Murray is the lone target up forward, and he lacks the qualities to take that role alone.....he's not strong enough, tall enough or disciplined enough.

And, why is the best forward flank in the competition playing as ruck-rover??? Best forward flank with limited defensive skills I might on earth Grant thinks he's a ruck-rover is beyond me. No matter how good a ball winner a bloke is, you have to be able to play defensively to some extent to be an onballer. Bring Justin back to the forward line please!!!!