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Fixture change means a Sunday Arvo with NO FOOTBALL IN MELBOURNE!!!

The Senior and Reserve matches between the Northern Bullants and the Casey Scorpions will now be played on Saturday, June 13 at Visy Park.

The games were initially fixtured for Sunday, June 14 but the Carlton Football Club has organised capital works to be carried out at Visy Park and therefore no electricity is available.

The Senior game will remain at 2pm and the Reserves at 11.10am and the venue remains Visy Park.

NAB Oval is unavailable due to local football.

Amazing isn't it? The Bullants have two grounds and can't access either of them on Sunday. So the VFL miss out on a chance to capitalise on the AFL free Sunday in Melbourne. I find the decisions that get made at AFL Victoria just baffling.

I'd actually take the game off the Bullants and play it at Casey Fields on the Sunday. Too bad for the Bullants.