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Final sixes

The Ballarat FL has a 'Final Six', so I thought I'd compare it with the VFA's 'Final Six' of 1960.

Ballarat FL
Only top two get double chance.
Week 1, QF: 1v2. 1EF: 3v6. 2EF: 4v5. EF losers drop out.
Week 2, 2SF: winner 1EF v winner QF. 1SF: loser QF v winner 2SF.
Week 3, PF: loser 2SF v winner 1SF.
Week 4, GF: winner 2SF v winner PF.

VFA 1960 (I did not attend these.)
Quarter finals, 3v6, 4v5, losers out.
1SF, winner 4v5 v winner 3v6, loser out.
2SF, 1v2.
PF, loser 2SF v winner 1SF.
GF, winner 2SF v winner PF.

The VFA had a 'Final Five' for its last seven seasons, 1989 until 1995.


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