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Devils whinge about umpires!
[b]"I will be ringing Kevin Mitchell from the umpires' association in Melbourne and if I have my way one of those umpires will never umpire a Tasmanian game again." - Tasmanian coach Matthew Armstrong,[/b] Whinge whinge whinge. Is he saying the umpire was biased against Tasmania? Tasmania get home finals they don't earn, a great fixture of home games, the VFL has amended the finals policy which indirectly has a big impact for Tasmania and now they aren't happy with an umpire. The VFL competition would be better off without them, but I'll save that argument for another day. Yesterday's game was played in driving rain and gale force winds. One goal was kicked between both sides after quarter time. I'd say it was a very tough day to umpire, and play in.
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