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CONFIRMED signings for 2008.
I realise that another thread exists on this topic, but I think it's time to have a thread where all CONFIRMED signings for 2008 can be viewed at a glance, rather than having to go through 4-5-6 pages. I'll keep updating this list once signings have been confirmed. NO RUMOURS! Please post the relevant link to confirm any signings. I'll start with those already mentioned in other threads. [b]Bendigo Bombers[/b] Brent Hartigan (Richmond) David Martin (Sydney) Hayden Skipworth (re-signed) [b]Box Hill Hawks[/b] Digby Morrell (Northern Bullants) Steve Kenna (South Adelaide) Darren Sheen (Cora Lynn) Al Neville (Coburg Tigers) Sam Gibson (Hawthorn rookie) Nathan Batsanis (Port Adelaide rookie) Michael Dell Aquilla (Eastern Ranges) Chris Nye (Eastern Ranges) Troy Wright (Eastern Ranges) [b]Casey Scorpions[/b] James Wall (St Kilda) [b]Coburg Tigers[/b] [b]Collingwood[/b] [b]Primary List[/b] #4 Nigel Carmody (Scorpions) #17 Shane McDonald (Bonbeach) #3 Justin Crow (Northern Bullants) #5 Ryan Colbert (Old Xaverians) #23 George Dick (Old Scotch) #14 Daniel Frost (Casey Scorpions) #15 Liam Jurrah (Yuendumu) #18 Paul Licuria (Collingwood AFL) #7 Jeremy Mugavin (Geelong Falcons) #6 Daniel Nicholls (Collingwood AFL rookie) #2 Tim Walsh (Western Bulldogs) [b]Rookie List[/b] #24 Ben Considine (Calder Cannons) #11 Nick Dimattina (Old Xaverians) #35 Luke Griffin (Wangaratta) #32 Anthony Hogan (Northcote Park) #8 Brad Jones (Eastern Ranges) #25 Andrew Oldmeadow (Gippsland Power) #1 Kris Pendlebury (Bendigo Bombers) #19 James Saville (Calder Cannons) #22 Tim Sunberg (Caulfield Grammar) #26 Tilly Yahman (Sandringham Dragons) [i]As Collingwood is a new team, all players are considered as new signings.[/i] [u][url] [b]Frankston[/b] Dean Limbach (Williamstown) Anthony Raso (Carlton) Clinton Proctor (Williamstown) Alex Lee (Port Adelaide rookie) Russell Gabriel (Dandenong Stingrays) [b]Geelong[/b] Sam Stavenuiter (Geelong Falcons/South Barwon) Jonathan Simpkin (Sydney Swans) Kelly Williams (Ocean Grove/Geelong Falcons) Ben Kirk (Geelong Falcons/Barwon Heads) Simon Potter (Greenvale/Werribee VFL) Gareth Phillips (Rupertswood) Ben Boseley (South Barwon) Jeremy Larcombe (Grovedale) Tom Hornsey (Geelong Falcons/St Joseph’s) Tom Dewey (Portarlington) Mitchell Cuthill (Bell Park) James Byrne (re-signed) Chris Urie (re-signed) Jackson Hollmer (re-signed) Matthew Firman (re-signed) Jay Cheep (re-signed) James McTaggart (re-signed) Aaron Wilson (re-signed) Drew Barnes (re-signed) Ryan Butler (re-signed) Nick Butler (re-signed) Jacob McGuane (re-signed) [b]North Ballarat[/b] (?) Tom Roach (Richmond) Myles Sewell (Coburg Tigers) Stephen Owen (Geelong AFL) Daniel McConnell (Kangaroos) [b]Northern Bullants[/b] Matthew Lappin (Carlton) David Teague (re-signed) [b]Port Melbourne[/b] Tim O'Keefe (Bendigo Bombers) Michael Dillon (Bendigo Bombers) Johnno Mullins (Coburg Tigers) Dylan McLaren (Carlton) (?) Corey McGrath Luke Livingston (re-signed) John Baird (re-signed) David Robbins (re-signed) David Spriggs (re-signed) Sam Pleming (re-signed) Adrian Bonaddio (re-signed) Matthew Smith (re-signed) [b]Sandringham[/b] [b]Tasmania[/b] Tom Langford (Port Melbourne) Shaun Mooney (Gippsland) Heath Neville (Melbourne) Tim Hazell (Port Melbourne) Josh Vearing (AFLQ) Shaun Mooney [b]Werribee[/b] (?)Michael West (Western Bulldogs) [b]Williamstown[/b] Jason Cloke (Bendigo VFL) Dean Galea (West Adelaide) Matthew Little (Hawthorn) Ben Jolley (Bendigo VFL) Callum Urch (Kangaroos) Jackson Barling (West Adelaide) Matthew Long (Calder Cannons) Josh Young (Old Paradians - VAFA) Luke Cartelli (Western Jets) Nathan Black (Western Jets) Ashley Jones (Western Jets) Jacob Graham (Western Jets) Daniel Jensen (Western Jets) Finlay Adamson (Western Jets) Steven Greene (re-signed) Brett Johnson (re-signed) Kane McKenzie (re-signed) Cameron Lockwood (re-signed) Scott Meyer (re-signed) Liam Picken (re-signed) Patrick Rose (re-signed) James Beaumont (re-signed) [i]Those with (?) have been mentioned here by usually reliable sources, but nothing official has yet been posted to confirm.[/i]
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