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How can Darebin Falcons improve in the VFLW

I have been looking at the scores for Darebin who struggled last season and are currently 0-9 with a percentage of just 24.

Have the VFL and AFL clubs with better facilities and drawing power been the major factor? 

For years they were a premier side in women's footy, but in recent times I feel like the competition has gone past them. 

I realise that there are very few who take an interest in the VFLW (or the VFL for that matter 😂).  But I'd be interested to hear peoplea thoughts. 

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All their good players have been picked up by AFLW teams over the years and then they play for their aligned VFLW side. It's sad to see what's happened to Darebin. I suspect the only solution would be to give them a big bucket of money to induce some top-end quality to play there.

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Are they the only remaining Club from the old VIC Women's comp that existed prior to the formation of the VFLW? If the female players have an eye to be drafted into the AFL then Darebin wouldn't be their first choice - it's difficult enough for Williamstown as the players want to be under the nose of an AFL club