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Here are the bests lists from the first eight rounds (minus about 2 results), gives someone like me a chance to see who has been performing ok for their respective side. I couldnt work out an easy way to filter out AFL listed players, but here goes. Be interesting to see how a many of the bests do turn up in the state squad. Here goes... [size=18][b]Bests[/b][/size] [b]Box Hill Hawks[/b] Best: Holland, Height, Picioane, Clarke, Greene, Alleway Best: Height, Taylor, Clifton, Bailey, Scott, Sewell, Alleway. Best: Brennan, Neagle, Ladson. Best: Greene, Bateman, Bailey, Sewell, Neagle, Campbell. Best: Alleway Bateman Bailey Tallis McGlynn Brennan Height Best: Picioni Rix McCabe Neagle Cox Bailey. Best: Taylor Height Bailey Sewell Osborne Pugsley Ball. [b]Werribee[/b] Best: Cross, Kretiuk, Croft, McGuiness, Rau Best: Koops, Morgan, Morris, Garlick, Power, McMahon. Best: Hargrave, Skipper, Rau, Garlick, McMahon, Kretiuk. Best: Minson, Cross, Skipper, McGuiness, Ray, Mitchell. Best: Henderson Faulkner McGuniess Morris. Best: Wiggins, Cross, Skipper, Robertson, Garlick, Gilbee. Best: McMahon Robertson B Murphy Setchell Podsiadly Bassett. [b]Tasmania[/b] Best: Careless, Robinson, Drury, Hall, Wager, Walker Best: Atkin, Jovanovic, Robinson, Beams, Walker, Howard. Best: Jobanovic Bartlett Savage Dutton Hall O'Sign. Best: Atkin, Beams, Howard, Hall, Kirk. Best: Howard Walker Bartlett Robinson B Geappen Street. Best: Bartlett Atkin Street Drury Wager Howard. [b]Port Melbourne[/b] Best: Lawrence, McMahon, J.Clayton, Obst, S.Clayton, Robbins Best: McIntosh, Robbins, Watson, Gill, Obst, Urch. Best: Gieschen, Watson, Obst, Robbins, Urch, Baird, Watt. Best: Schwarze, Watson, Urch, Lawrence, Trotter, Baird. Best: J Clayton Schwarze Obst Gieschen Robbins Jones Best: Hale J Clayton Obst Grima Gieschen. Best: Rocca Watson Harvey Obst Robbins. [b]Coburg Tigers[/b] Best: Kuret, Dragecevic, Jurgenson, Foley, Raines, Pettifer. Best: Pettifer, Blumfield, Zantuck, Rogers, Jorgenson, Pagan Best: Dragecevic, Zantuck, Carlson, Pettifer, Talbot, Morrison, Rayson. Best: R O'Connor Shultz Fletcher Dragicevic Steinfort Foley Gilmore. Best: Rodan, Talbot, Tuck, Hilton, Fleming, Jorgenson. Best: Pittifer Houlihan Dragecevic Kuret Fletcher Roach. Best: Moore Schultz Kurft Fletcher. [b]Bendigo Bombers[/b] Best: Alvey, Watson, Doering, Winderlich, Coster, Bradley Best: Carter, Doering, Moorcroft, Winderlich, Wilson, Hunt, Richardson. Best: Wilson, Richards, McVeigh. Best: Doering Lovett Watson Carter Campbell Summers Hunt Best: Richards, Bradley, Stanton, Lovett, Hunt, Nash. Best: Bradley Campbell Bowen Laycock Elvy Nash Doering. [b]Frankston[/b] Best: Ablett, Roberts, Littlechild, Robinson, Murphy. Best: Fortnam, Ablett, Berry, Goddard, Roberts, Butler Best: Fortnam, Roberts, Murphy, Ablett, Goddard, Folino. Best: Berry, Fortnam, Folino, Anstey, Bryan, McCormack. Best: Fortnam Bryan Murphy Ablett Anstey O'Dell. Best: O'Dell Bryan Pollard Fortnam Damon. Best: Willis Ablett Butler Pollard O'Dell Murphy. [b]Sandringham[/b] Best: Bell, Fisher, Rigoni, Walsh, Sylvia, Crowe, Williams, Liddell. Best: Sautner, Read, Armstrong, O’Keefe, Lamb, Williams Best: Sylvia, O'Keeffe, Williams, Fisher, Johnson, Broadbridge. Best: Williams, Gallagher, Smith, O’Keefe, Lamb, Fisher, Vardy, Liddell. Best: Ward Heffernan McLean Lamb Carroll Williams Broadbridge Bishop. Best: Williams, McLean, Hunter, Armstrong, Bell, Heffernan, Sautner, Gallagher. Best: Bell Biddlecombe Mills Broadbridge Bishop. Best: Biddlecombe Newman O'Keefe Regoni Armstrong Lamb. [b]Williamstown[/b] Best: Lloyd, C. Cloke, Cranage, R. Shaw, West, Knight. Best: Lockyer, Lloyd, Rowe, McKee, King Best: Nixon, Theodore, West, Jarrad. Best: Mullins Cranage Sheehan McKee Theodore Gerrard. Best: Jarrad, Cloke, Lloyd, McGough. Best: Jarrad Williams Mullins Baldwin King Sheehan. [b]Geelong[/b] Best: Enright, Bartel, Foster, Egan, S. Johnson, Spriggs, Rooke, Cook. Best: Callan, J. Byrne, Lonergan, Rooke, S. Byrnes, D. Byrne. Best: Rahilly, J.Byrne, Egan, Bartel, D.Johnson, Spriggs, Cook, Loats Best: Bartel, Callan, Rooke, Spriggs, Koulouriotis. Best: Egan, McCarthy, Callan, Cook, Spriggs, Bartel. Best: D Byrne McCarthy Oakley Callan Clark. Best: Spencer Mackie Egan Koulouridtis. Best: West Cranage William Lloyd Jarrod Swan. [b]Northern Bullants[/b] Best: O’Hailpin, Zorzi, Clarke, Mott, Simpson, Carrazzo. Best: Harford, McComick, Zorzi, McGrath, Kenna, Beasy. Best: Mott, Fisher, Livingston, Hulme, Franchina, Boyd. Best: Livingston Harford Hulme Zorzi Wiggans Simpson Best: Zorzi, Wiggins, Bowyer, Walker, McCormick, Hooper. Best: Bowyer Walker McCormick Best: Davies McGrath McCormick Simpson Zorzi Franchina. [b]Springvale Scorpions[/b] Best: Harrison, Murray, Clarke, Montagna, Stone. Best: Murray, Rouda, Ferguson, Harrison, R. Clarke. Best: Parsons Montagna Miller Best: S. Fisher, Murray, Harrison, Ferguson. Best: Ferguson Rouda Caples Gram Montagua. Best: Moyle Stone Houlihan Carroll Schwarze. [b]North Ballarat[/b] Best: Hutchinson, Eccles, Field, Moloney, Tuckey, Whyman. Best: Field, Eccles, McCorkell, Bye, McLean, Greig. Best: Hutchinson Plunkett Field Tuckey Best: Bye, McLean, Field, Greig, Saunders, McCorkell. Best: Eccles Saunders Bye Ryall McLean Plunkett. Best: Tuckey Biddiscombe Maloney Jenkins. Best: Eccles, Saunders, Moloney Field Plunkett Greig
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