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2010 Round 18 Preview

Here is the Preview for the Seniors and Reserves for the Final Round of the VFL Season


Collingwood(9-8 8th) vs Gold Coast(5-11-1 10th) at Victoria Park 12:30pm
Last time they met: Round 7 2010 at Southport. Collingwood 7-16(58) def Gold Coast 5-8(38)
The Pies are teetering as the finals approach after a loss to Box Hill while the Gold Coast continue to finish their season strongly after a 1pt win against Werribee. This is the last time Gold Coast players can impress looking forward to their AFL debut next year while the Pies are just hanging out for the finals where their side should be far better. Pies narrowly.
Total Qtrs Won: Coll 37-28-3(6th) Gld Cst 25-40-3(12th)
1st Quarter: Coll 9-6-2(5th) Gld Cst 8-8-1(6th)
2nd Quarter: Coll 8-9(8th) Gld Cst 6-11(12th)
3rd Quarter: Coll 11-6(3rd) Gld Cst 6-10-1(10th)
4th Quarter: Coll 9-7-1(5th) Gld Cst 5-11-1(12th)
My Tip: Collingwood by 3pts

Geelong(5-12 12th) vs North Ballarat (14-3 2nd) at Skilled Stadium 1pm
Last time they met: Round 8 2010 at Eureka Stadium. Geelong 12-10(82) def North Ballarat 10-13(73).
The Roosters will finish in the top 2 but can finish top with a win and a Williamstown loss. Geelong are looking to finish off the season with a win and have the confidence of beating North Ballarat in their meeting this season. North Ballarat with more to play for should win.
Total Qtrs Won: Geel 29-39(11th) Nth Ball 44-23-1(2nd)
1st Quarter: Geel 8-9(10th) Nth Ball 11-6(2nd)
2nd Quarter: Geel 8-9(10th) Nth Ball 9-8(6th)
3rd Quarter: Geel 5-12(13th) Nth Ball 11-5-1(1st)
4th Quarter: Geel 8-9(10th) Nth Ball 13-4(1st)
My Tip: North Ballarat by 19pts

Box Hill Hawks(11-6 5th) vs Williamstown(14-3 2nd) at Box Hill 1:10pm(ABC1TV,3WBC)
Last time they met: Round 7 2010 at Williamstown. Williamstown 17-15(117) def Box Hill Hawks 11-10(76).
Williamstown had a good win over the lowly Dolphins but will be disappointed with their last quarter while the Hawks had a good win over the Pies. Williamstown need to win this game to make sure of top spot but can't finish any lower than 2nd with a loss. Box Hill are likely to finish in 5th spot unless they lose big. Should be a great game but Willy to win narrowly.
Total Qtrs Won: BHH 40-28(3rd) Will 47-21(1st)
1st Quarter: BHH 12-5(1st) Will 11-6(3rd)
2nd Quarter: BHH 8-9(9th) Will 15-2(1st)
3rd Quarter: BHH 10-7(6th) Will 9-8(9th)
4th Quarter: BHH 10-7(4th) Will 12-5(2nd)
My Tip:Williamstown by 8pts

Coburg Tigers(5-12 11th) vs Northern Bullants(9-8 7th) at ABD Group Stadium,Coburg 2pm
Last time they met: Round 7 2010 at Preston. Northern Bullants 16-9(105) def Coburg Tigers 15-9(99).
The Bullants came back to earth with a thud with a loss to the Scorpions while Coburg had a 4 goal loss to Bendigo at home. Coburg will be looking to finish the season off with a win while the Bullants can finish as high as 6th with a win or 8th with a loss heading into the finals. The Bullants to win narrowly.
Total Qtrs Won: Coburg 29-36-1(10th) Nth Bull 38-28-2(6th)
1st Quarter: Coburg 7-10(12th) Nth Bull 10-6-1(4th)
2nd Quarter: Coburg 9-8(7th) Nth Bull 9-8(5th)
3rd Quarter: Coburg 5-11-1(12th) Nth Bull 10-6-1(5th)
4th Quarter: Coburg 8-9(9th) Nth Bull 9-8(6th)
My Tip: Northern Bullants by 9pts

Port Melbourne(12-5 4th) vs Frankston(1-16 14th) at TEAC Oval 2pm
Last time they met:
Round 9 2010 at Frankston. Port Melbourne 15-18(108) def Frankston 12-6(78).
Port had a big win over Geelong at home while the Dolphins were well beaten by a red hot Seagulls outfit but will take some confidence from an excellent last quarter. Port Melbourne are likely to finish 4th regardless of the result but will looking to continue go into the finals on a winning note. It has been a huge learning year for the young Dolphins team and they would be looking at finishing the year on a big note. The Borough should win but it should be a close game.
Total Qtrs Won: Pt Melb 40-28(4th) Fston 18-50(14th)
1st Quarter: Pt Melb 8-9(9th) Fston 4-13(14th)
2nd Quarter: Pt Melb 10-7(3rd) Fston 7-10(11th)
3rd Quarter: Pt Melb 11-6(4th) Fston 4-13(14th)
4th Quarter: Pt Melb 11-6(3rd) Fston 3-14(14th)
My Tip: Port Melbourne by 10pts

Bendigo Bombers(10-7 6th) vs Sandringham(6-11 9th) at Windy Hill 2pm
Last time they met: Round 6 2010 at Sandringham. Bendigo Bombers 16-17(113) def Sandringham 15-7(97).
Bendigo had a good win over Coburg while Sandy while smashed in the 2nd half by the Roosters in tough conditions in Ballarat. Bendigo can finish anywhere between 5th and 8th going into this game while Sandy will be looking at finishing off the season on a high. Bendigo with more to play to win.
Total Qtrs Won: Bend 36-31-1(7th) Sand 30-38(9th)
1st Quarter: Bend 8-8-1(7th) Sand 8-9(8th)
2nd Quarter: Bend 10-7(2nd) Sand 5-12(14th)
3rd Quarter: Bend 9-8(9th) Sand 10-7(7th)
4th Quarter: Bend 9-8(7th) Sand 7-10(11th)
My Tip: Bendigo Bombers by 17pts

Werribee(4-12-1 13th) vs Casey Scorpions(13-4 3rd) at Avalon Airport Oval,Werribee 2pm(VFLRadio)
Last time they met: Round 11 2010 at Werribee. Casey Scorpions 17-15(117) def Werribee 10-16(76).
Werribee would have been disappointed with a 1pt loss to the Gold Coast at Southport while Casey had a good win over the Bullants. The Scorpions can not go higher than 3rd but can drop to 4th with a loss. Werribee will looking to finish the season off on a high also in Simon Atkin's last game as coach. Casey to win.
Total Qtrs Won: Werr 23-42-3(13th) Casey 35-31-2(8th)
1st Quarter: Werr 6-9-2(13th) Casey 7-9-1(11th)
2nd Quarter: Werr 6-11(13th) Casey 9-8(4th)
3rd Quarter: Werr 6-11(11th) Casey 11-6(2nd)
4th Quarter: Werr 5-11-1(13th) Casey 8-8-1(9th)
My Tip: Casey Scorpions by 22pts


Box Hill Hawks(14-3 2nd) vs Williamstown(15-2 1st) at Box Hill 10am
Last time they met: Round 7 2010 at Williamstown. Box Hill Hawks 17-15(117) def Williamstown 10-5(65).
Regardless of the result both sides will have the week off in the 1st week of the finals but it could well play each other again in the Grand Final at Port Melbourne in 4 weeks time. Box Hill won their meeting in Round 7 and at home they will win narrowly.
Total Qtrs Won: BHH 51-15-2(2nd) Will 50-13-5(1st)
1st Quarter: BHH 13-4(2nd) Will 14-2-1(1st)
2nd Quarter: BHH 12-5(2nd) Will 12-3-2(1st)
3rd Quarter: BHH 15-1-1(1st) Will 12-5(2nd)
4th Quarter: BHH 11-5-1(3rd) Will 12-3-2(1st)
My Tip: Box Hill Hawks by 4pts

Coburg Tigers(9-8 5th) vs Northern Bullants(3-14 12th) at ABD Group Stadium,Coburg 11am
Last time they met: Round 7 2010 at Preston. Coburg Tigers 19-16(130) def Northern Bullants 9-10(64).
Coburg secured their spot in the finals with a win over Port while Bullants were beaten by Casey. Coburg are likely to finish 5th and play Port in an Elimination Final. Coburg to win comfortably. The Bullants are looking to finish their season on a high.
Total Qtrs Won: Coburg 30-33-5(6th) Nth Bull 20-46-2(9th)
1st Quarter: Coburg 6-11(8th) Nth Bull 6-11(9th)
2nd Quarter: Coburg 7-8-2(6th) Nth Bull 5-12(9th)
3rd Quarter: Coburg 7-10(7th) Nth Bull 4-12-1(9th)
4th Quarter: Coburg 10-4-3(4th) Nth Bull 5-11-1(9th)
My Tip: Coburg Tigers by 41pts

Port Melbourne(9-8 4th) vs Frankston(0-17 10th) at TEAC Oval 11am
Last time they met: Round 9 2010 at Frankston. Port Melbourne 21-14(140) def Frankston 12-5(77).
Port Melbourne had a shock loss to Coburg while Frankston werer well beaten by top side Williamstown. Port Melbourne will finish 4th and are preparing for an elimination final against Coburg while for Frankston it has been a long year for the Dolphins but they have improved as the season has gone on. Port to win this but lets hope the Dolphins can give them a fright.
Total Qtrs Won: Pt Melb 31-34-3(7th) Fston 7-61(10th)
1st Quarter: Pt Melb 6-11(7th) Fston 0-17(10th)
2nd Quarter: Pt Melb 8-8-1(5th) Fston 4-13(10th)
3rd Quarter: Pt Melb 9-7-1(5th) Fston 2-15(10th)
4th Quarter: Pt Melb 8-8-1(6th) Fston 1-16(10th)
My Tip: Port Melbourne by 42pts

Werribee(13-4 3rd) vs Casey Scorpions(6-11 8th) at Avalon Airport Oval,Werribee 11am
Last time they met: Round 11 2010 at Werribee. Werribee 21-11(137) def Casey Scorpions 13-14(92).
Werribee will finish 3rd and play in an elimination final next week regardless of the result while Casey will be looking to finish off the season with back to back wins. Werribee at home will be far too strong.
Total Qtrs Won: Werr 42-24-2(3rd) Casey 33-34-1(6th)
1st Quarter: Werr 9-6-2(4th) Casey 11-6(3rd)
2nd Quarter: Werr 10-7(4th) Casey 7-10(7th)
3rd Quarter: Werr 11-6(3rd) Casey 6-10-1(8th)
4th Quarter: Werr 12-5(2nd) Casey 9-8(5th)
My Tip: Werribee by 47pts

Sandringham(8-9 6th) vs North Ballarat(8-9 7th) at Trevor Barker Oval 11am
Last time they met: Round 17 2010 at Eureka Stadium. North Ballarat 9-4(58) def Sandringham 7-7(49).
Its a stand alone game at Sandy and what a way to finish the Home and Away Season with an Elimination Final, Winner takes all match up. These 2 sides only met last Saturday in trying conditions with North Ballarat winning narrowly. This should be a fantastic match and if you are in the Sandringham Area on Sunday it is free admission so come on in and see what should be a great game with so much at stake. If I stick my neck maybe Sandy at home just.
Total Qtrs Won: Sand 38-27-3(4th) Nth Ball 27-40-1(8th)
1st Quarter: Sand 10-6-1(4th) Nth Ball 8-9(6th)
2nd Quarter: Sand 11-5-1(3rd) Nth Ball 6-11(8th)
3rd Quarter: Sand 10-7(4th) Nth Ball 8-9(6th)
4th Quarter: Sand 7-9-1(7th) Nth Ball 5-11-1(8th)
My Tip: Sandringham by 1pt

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