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From the Whyndam Weekly
Reported by Daniel PAPROTH
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WERRIBEE was well in control of the 1993 VFA grand final against Port Melbourne in the early stages of the last quarter, but Frank Lesiputty was in no mood for premature celebrations.

The resolute centre half-back knew the pain of losing a grand final, having been part of the Werribee outfit that lost to Dandenong by nine points in 1991.

So when 19-year-old teammate Peter Williams began to let his excitement get the better of him, Lesiputty was having none of it.

“I barrelled him,” says Lesiputty with a laugh. “Because I had lost in ’91, I was so determined to win and Peter started laughing and enjoying it. So I told him, ‘Pull your head in and get on your man’.”

Williams, now a teacher, confirms the story.