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A Vic State side?
Give it some thought, I had a quick go just then but I'll have a more serious go in another week or two and might try to find a few Devils, Scorpions and Boroughs to put in as well! But still, who would you say is set from the one I put below? B: Steve Bailey (BH), Troy West (Williamstown), Andrew Pugsley (BH) HB: Jordan Doering (Bendigo), Dean Talbot (Coburg), Leigh Carlson (Coburg) C: Andrew Eccles (N Ballarat), Julian Field (N Ballarat), Luke Jarrad (Williamstown) HF: David Mitchell (Werribee), Marcus Baldwin (Williamstown), Clint Alleway (BH) F: Kristan Height (BH), Nick Sautner (Sandringham), Justin Berry (Frankston) R: Nick Bye (N Ballarat), Brett Zorzi (N Bullants), Sam Anstey (Frankston) Int: Simon Taylor (BH), Shane Hutchinson (N Ballarat), Brent Tuckey (N Ballarat), Teghan Henderson (Werribee) You could argue a heap of other names to go in and argue others shouldn't be there. Hopefully a few others can have a crack, like I said give it some thought.
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