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Something to add a bit.
I know it will be too late now, and some of you may think it is a stupid suggestion anyway, and it probably never would have been looked at but read me out. In Victorion Country football leagues each club has affiliated netball sides that play on the same fixture at the same venues (or within a stonesthrow) With the current restructure of both National and State based netball whereby it will be completely revamped, as well as the VFL restrucure talks, would it have a been a stupid proposal to suggest that for the State netball competition, clubs be affiliated (and possibly named) with VFL clubs, So we would have the Casey Scorpion netball club, travel to Ballarat when the footballers do to play the Nth Ballarat Roosters netball club. A way of getting more women involved in footy and more men involved in netball as well as increasing supporter base etc. and the general interest from the public, something that sets it apart from AFL SANFL WAFL etc. How do you think that would work in the VFL?
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