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Round 3 - Preston v Port Melbourne

Northern Bullants 5.0 11.2 13.4 17.9 (111)
Port Melbourne 4.3 5.4 9.9 9.14 (68)

Northern Bullants
Goal Kickers: C. Yarran 3, G. Bentley 2, D. Ellard 2, D. Boundy 2, J. Bannister 2, J. McCorkell 2, B. Fisher, J. Spiteri, M. Robinson, J. Saddington
Best Players: G. Bentley, R. Hadley, J. McCorkell, A. Hartlett, M. Robinson, C. Yarran

Port Melbourne
Goal Kickers: T. Pinwill 2, P. Raymond 2, S. Dwyer, S. Pleming, J. Baird, A. Bonaddio, J. Mullins
Best Players: J. Dalton, C. McGrath, J. Scipione, T. Pinwill, S. Brewer, S. Pleming

Northern Bullants: nil
Port Melbourne: A Bonaddio for stricking number 5 A Iacobucci of Northern Bullants during the third quarter

Very poor day at the office for the Borough. Just did not look switched on from the start. To their credit, Preston played the ground extremely well with short controlled kicking into the wind, and some of the best long goals from outside 50, I have seen for a little while.

Bones report just capped off a rubbish day, that hopefully will sting the Borough back into action against the Cats next week.

I thought Dalton and McGrath were the two standouts for Port. Sicpione performed well on debut.

I'll be in a better mood to post during the week !

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