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Round 18 Collingwood vs Tasmania
Collingwood 5.3 8.9 11.12 14.14 (98 ) Tasmania 3.3 5.5 11.6 14.12 (96) GOALS: Collingwood: MacAffer 3 Walsh 2 Stanley 2 Mugavin Casey-Leigh Colbert Egan Cox Wood Yaman Tasmania: Shackleton 3 Cornelius 3 Street 2 Koulouriotis Cassidy Thurley Plummer Charlesworth Langford BEST: Collingwood: Cox MacAffer Stanley Egan Colbert Lonie Tasmania: Shackleton Street Andrews Thurley Setchell Cassidy REPORTED PLAYERS: Collingwood: D.Stanley for striking T.Salter in 3rd quarter C.Wood for wrestling M.Cassidy in 3rd quarter Tasmania: M.Cassidy for wrestling C.Wood in 3rd Quarter It was a good game of footy at Carlton today played between two evenly matched teams. A crowd of around 200 were at the worksite today. I would like to thank the Carlton Football Club for puttting on the pre match entertainment today. The knocking down of the Robert Heatley Stand.
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