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Round 13 Collingwood vs Frankston
This should be a great game. Both teams are coming off wins last week. Collingwood won when they played back in Round 4 at Frankston by 17 points. It was a game though that was marred by incident involving Collingwood's Shannon Cox. I don't think too many Frankston supporters have forgotten about that incident. Collingwood vs. Frankston Sunday 6th July, 2008 MC Labour Park at 2.00pm Collingwood B Cox Prestigiacomo Dyas HB McCarthy Anthony K. Pendlebury C Barham Licuria Iles HF Toovey Walsh MacAffer F Thoolen Dawes Egan R Crow Stanley Cook Int Mugavin Casey-Leigh Frost Nicholls Carmody Colbert Sundburg Yaman Frankston B Dunne Kirkwood Collins HB Lombardozzi Shinners Barry C Potts Kennedy Keely HF Marigliani Lourey Berry F Morris Murray Oliver R Gabriel Magner Winterton Int Conroy Raso Dickson Proctor Corp Clark Limbach P. Whelan
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