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Roughouse team

Roughouse team

B- Lyle Henrickson, Alf Beus, Alan Harper
HB- Trevor Price, Jeff Sarau, Ray Brain
C- David Thorpe
HF- John Sharp, John Bourke, George Allen
F- Andy Goodwin, Sam Kekovich, Mark Cross
FOLL- Harold Martin, Buster Harland
ROV- Brian Jones
INT- Charlie Daniels, Adrian Zappa, Wes Hillard, Robert Mace
COACH- Take your pick ??
Plenty of firebrand coaches to pick from.
Talk about lunatics check the interchange bench !!!!

How would any of today's team feel like when they line up against this team ?
A thug on every line. No player would be safe, not even on the bench !!!

Can others pick a team of thugs ??
Blackrocker, JB, Cgull, Zebraman, Billy The Kid, Mustiang etc
Pick a team of thugs. Interesting to see everyones thought of their team of thugs.
There would be plenty that I have overlooked or forgotten about as there have been many colourful and tough charachters over the years.