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Pre Season Podcasts

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone is aware, but there is a fella in the USA, coach of the Des Moines Roosters in the USAFL, Donnie Hess who is conducting a series of interviews with players, coaches and supporters of various state league teams across Australia and posting them on YouTube. He has covered a few of the standalone clubs already, including one with me about being a Frankston supporter. Donnie is very passionate about his footy and is trying to spread as much info about the heartland of the game with his US friends as possible. If you're interested in having a look, my interview with him is at 

From there you will be able to access all of his interviews, they're generally quite interesting. If you get a chance contact Donnie and have a chat, he absolutely loves the game and is trying to soak up every bit of info he can.

Oh, if you happen to watch my interview, I apologize for the clear irritation going on at the 5 minute mark. While I was sitting in a quiet park talking to my laptop, two clowns with boxing mitts decided to spar not 5 metres from me, making it almost impossible to hear.