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Practice Match V Williamstown
Northern Bullants 1.3.9 4.4.28 7.5.47 7.8.50 Williamstown 2.0.12 3.2.20 4.4.28 10.5.65 Goals- S.O'Hailpin 2, D.Batson 2, G.Bowyer 1, J.Smith 1, E.Betts 1. Best- A.Bentick, J.Smith, N.Becker, G.Bowyer. The footy was of a reasonable standard given the conditions. A torrential downpour prior to the commencement of the game, provided a real 'winters' feel to a scratch match in March. Generally the Bullants were ok and I would rate this season's list as stronger than 2004. Particuarly liked the attitude of the players in Saturday's game. The last quarter was a little disappointing but a few players were tried in different positions [eg: Sam Pleming backline] and the wind did reall spring up for the first time in the match, which did play a role in Williamstown kicking 6.1 to 0.3. Jess Smith and Nick Becker were both impressive for the Bullants. Smith gathered plenty of the ball and looks a real in and under player, while Becker looked good dashing out of defence and up until three quarter time was probably the best player on the ground.
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