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Practice match - Sandringham v Port Melbourne

Cloudy Well I ventured down to Sandringham today, by god it was wet! The trees on the wing were doing their job providing some cover for the medium rain, but it was terrential in stages, and had to resort to sheltering in the grandstand.

The reserves were just finishing as I arrived, the only thing I noticed was Milly was back, and playing Full forward. Final scores were:

Sandringham 8.5.53
Port Melbourne 11.22.88

A 33 scoring shot to 13 probably shows there was a fair difference in the two teams. Rees Thomas played in the twos.

In the Seniors, (on paper) the Zebras fielded 10 St Kilda listed players. I don't think Nick Sautner played.

For Port Melbourne a few were missing but it was a reasonably strong line-up. Bonaddio started the game off well with a couple of big grabs and finished with 4 goals for the day. The other multiple goal kicker for Port was Jonno Mullins who tackled and with some good defensive pressure kicked a couple of goals. Mullins also took one of the best speccies I have seen recently. Fabian Deluca didn't play, but Adrian did and did well. Port were terrific around the stoppages, and appeared to control must of the ball-up/stoppages. Batsanis also performed well in his first hit-out for the club.

Sandringham moved the ball well in patches, but weren't able to convert their chances.

Sandringham 3.0, 3.2, 4.5, 6.6.42
Port Melbouene 2.2, 6.7, 8.12, 11.14.80

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