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Port Melbourne and South Melbourne

I was flicking through The Association Football Recorder from 23 July 1972 which had this fascinating little commentary on the relationship of the Port Melb and South Melb footy clubs.
Interested in thoughts from long-time Port or VFA supporters on some of the views.
Here's an extract of the article written by "Midfield":

Port Melbourne suffered a terrific shock when after signing Wayne Walsh and selecting him in their team to play Sandringham on July 2, South Melbourne sold Walsh to Richmond for $5,000.
South Melbourne were football parasites who had lived off Port Melbourne for years, was the immediate reaction from Port Secretary, Mr Norm Goss.
It is well known in VFA circles that Port Melbourne has been South Melbounre's most profitable recruiting ground for years.
........ the moment, South is a sinking ship and the resignation papers of officials are tumbling on the committee table like snow flakes at Mount Bulla......
...Port has cleared Peter Bedford, Shane McKew, Gary Brice and Norm Goss Jnr over the past few years and they have not cost South Melbourne a cent.... has taken a long time for Port to realise that there is little hope of real friendship between clubs from VFA and VFL.

Fantastic quote from Norm Goss.
Just for the record, 22,000 people attended the 5 Division 1 games that day in 1972. The largest was the 9,000 that saw top team Oakleigh demolish 3rd placed Dandenong. 6,000 saw Willy host Port, with the Recorders tipster quoting ".. I lean to the form team - Port Melbourne" Unfortunately he was right.