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North Ballarat AGM

The North Ballarat Agm was on tonight

With lots of ballot papers handed out the chairwoman was re elected winning a vote at ballot.

As well are a few other positions voted by ballot.

The thing that was a surprise was no time was elected for general business

With any general business questions not being answered as all general business needed to be submitted 14 days before the AGM of which nobody seemed to know of.
It would have been good for the board to answer questions from the floor but the meeting ended abruptly.

Club made a profit it seemed but is still paying off pokie machines & has a bank loan which was suggested at being paid off by 2021

Another thing that was of note was the ladies commitee has retired who have served supporters at the canteen for over 45 years.

The club had a total of 1009 paid up Adult members for season 2015

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