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2014 State Game VFL vs SANFL official thread

It will be 6 years to the day since these 2 sides have met

Played 5 SANFL 4 VFL 1

Previous Meetings
2008 at Adelaide SANFL 25-11(161) def VFL 14-12(96)
2005 at Northport Oval SANFL 20-8(128) def VFL 18-16(124)
2002 at Adelaide Oval VFL 18-17(125) def SANFL 10-9(69)
2001 at Adelaide Oval SANFL 20-14(134) def VFL 14-12(96)
1999 at MCG SANFL 12-11(83) def VFL 8-11(59)

Last time they met (May 31 2008)
SA 5.3 14.5 19.9 25.11 (161)
VIC 5.2 5.4 8.6 14.12 (96)
Best – SA: Alleway, Thomas, Crane, Allan, Treeby, Parry, Clayton, Backwell, Perrie.
Best – VIC: Nahas, Stretton, Rose, Podsiadly.
Goals – SA: Alleway 6, Chambers 4, Backwell, Perrie, Treeby 3, Havelberg, Salter 2, Powell, Sharples.
Goals – VIC: Nahas 4, Rose 3, Berry 2, Skipworth, Cloke, Kenna, Roach, Nicholls.
Fos Williams Medal: Clint Alleway (SA).
Frank Johnson Medal: Robin Nahas (VIC).
Umpires: Rowston, Hay, McCarthy. Crowd: 5596 @ Adelaide Oval


Richard Tambling and Chris Schmidt ruled out after injuries on the weekend.

SANFL Squad are training tonight and Wednesday Night at AAMI Stadium and will have a run at North Port Oval on Friday afternoon. Captain and Vice Captain to be announced on Wednesday night.

SANFL final state squad of 23 (22 playing plus an emergency)
Ian Callinan (Adelaide)
Jarrod Schiller (Central)
Luke Habel (Central)
Paul Thomas (Central)
Tim McIntyre (Central)
Jay Shannon (North)
Leigh Ryswyk (North)
Todd Miles (North)
Jace Bode (Norwood)
Steven Summerton (Port)
Brett Eddy (South)
Joel Cross (South)
Keegan Brooksby (South)
Nick Liddle (South)
Kory Beard (Sturt)
Michael Coad (Sturt)
Ben Hansen (Sturt)
Zane Kirkwood (Sturt)
Daniel Webb (West)
Jonathon Beech (West)
James Boyd (Woodville-West Torrens)
Luke Jarrad (Woodville-West Torrens)
Michael Wundke (Woodville-West Torrens)


It would be a shocker if the Richmond v Essendon reserves game gets a bigger crowd than at North Port!


VFL to announce a revised 32 player squad tomorrow

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Not likely as Punt Road won't fit in more than 2500.
I will be at North Port Oval and have no interest whatsoever in watching two AFL reserves teams playing.

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How many on the bench for this game? It's been 6 in the last few years hasn't it?

Victoria has come together on short notice, here's hoping the side gels together well and can work to an effective gameplan to come away with the win.

I watched some SANFL highlights of Ian Callinan a week back, in as good a form as he has ever been. He was breaking lines and kicking goals from all angles.

How many rucks will SA take into this game?



Victoria has come together on short notice, here's hoping the side gels together well and can work to an effective gameplan to come away with the win.

Thats been the usual case For some reason the VFL players and the people running the VFL rep team think they are better than they really are.

My prediction is the crowd will struggle to more more than 1000 and SA to win by 40pts.

Now if the current VFL was allowed to pick its best team from all the players that actually play week to week in the comp it would be a different matter.

I wouldnt bother to walk across the street to watch this ill prepared half arsed full of their own BS team.

I watched the VFL team in the past and as soon as they got a couple of goals ahead they started lairising and thinking they were like the great Victorian sides of the past.
These games are a waste of time and money for the sake of a few players to say they sort of played for "Victoria"

The real Victorian team is the one that would be made up of Victorians playing in the AFL.

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I disagree with you Billy, I like that the game is played without AFL League influence. Sure our comp might be stronger week to week with AFL played dropping back, but we want to showcase what our own players are capable of and that even without AFL players, that Victoria is the best state league in Australia.

I'm looking forward to going and really hope this game draws a good crowd.


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I am looking forward to this game as well. Their last meeting at North Port Oval in 2005 was a classic with Jeremy Clayton kicked the sealer for the croweaters.
They will get more than 1000. You would hope they do ??

The old days of the VIC v SA or VIC v WA state of origin are long gone as with the AFL there is no interest with basically teams travelling to and from interstate each week.
The last garbage rep event the AFL tried to put ion was some Allies garbage format that had absoltely no meaning whatsoever. The rep footy at AFL is long gone.

At least the state leagues can get the players from each state to play at rep level representing their leagues without AFL involvement.

The only real state of origin rivalry is that of Rugby League. Love it or hate it Billy that is a reality. Even in Victoria people watch it. Tomorrow marks the 100th state of origin game and is always a huge event.

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No Victorian radio coverage of the game, but Life FM Adelaide will be broadcasting it (and I'll be helping them on the boundary).


The thing I dont like is it dosent really represent the true quality of the Comp and if the VFL side gets done it reflects badly on the true overall standing of the competition.I would much rather see the best players playing.Same goes for the Foxtel Cup.

These games have always struggled to get any sort of decent crowd for decades so I dont see why this year would be any different Even when the real VFL/AFL played interstate matches in the past the crowds at the MCG were mostly poor its one of the reasons the they were stopped.