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Hello All

Hello All.

My name is Julie. I grew up following Oakleigh, and watching the VFA on Channel 0.
As I've been a long diehard fan of St.Kilda, I've taken a keen interest in Casey, and of course now, Sandy. Bit weird because I use to loathe Sandy.
I take a great interest in the history of Our Game, the scores, the players, the changes of rules, and of course the Teams.

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Hi Julie.....I'm Adam, a relative newcomer here myself :) Was a Carlton member for 20 years, but have also been a Frankston supporter since my old man took me to watch them play Sandy in a final at the Junction Oval in 1981 (from memory). Far prefer watching the VFL these days (love the suburban grounds which the AFL doesn't have now). Great to have you aboard :)