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Blues to logo and jumper

The VFL's newest and most controversial team the Northern Blues is finally set to announce its logo and jumper for the 2012 season.

Four months after crushing the Northern Bullants out of existence, the Blues will tommorrow announce that the Carlton FC logo will now ne used by their VFL side and that a Red and White jumper with the Carlton logo on the front and PFC in small font on the back will be worn for the three games that the Carlton Reserves side play at Cramer Street Oval.

A spokesman for the Blues said "The bullants saved us $3 million over the past nine years so it's only fair that we put something back into the community, the PFC will be hard to see but if you look close enough you'll find it!"

Further to the PFC on the jumper for three games at Preston, Bullants supporters will also be able to remember the past with a refreshing ale in the Blues Social facility at Preston City Oval. The rooms once home to the Preston Social Club, now belong to the Blues who used part of a $1.5 million grant to refurbish the club and remove the Preston Social Club from the area. Mr Blues said "The Bullants were a great club and the museum is a fitting tribute, really they are lucky that they had Garry O'Sullivan, Stephen Papal and support from Vince Fontana at Darebin Council otherwise they would have just faded away, I mean the old social club didn't even serve Pure Blonde on tap, we've done what's best for Preston and the local community".