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i was a young fella back then and met spider through a family friend, so i don't remember too many other Preston players apart from Fab Carelli who went to Preston for a few seasons from Reservoir Lakeside i can remember when they changed their name to the knights for a season or 2 and changed jumpers to the Northern Knights one, didn't think that was a good idea now i just follow Williamstown and keep a close eye on the developing pies players but i've also enjoyed see the Willy listed players develop and wouldn't be surprised if 2 or 3 are in contention to be rookie listed by AFL clubs
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Gee, i remember Brett Cooper - super player, strong, nuggety and athletic. Remember him taking a diving mark in the mud on the tv game which put him in the running for mark of the year (about 1981 ?).
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:D Sure do remember Brett Cooper as a young man who was a top footballer with Preston 3rds won at least one flag with them then moved up to the Seniors and was a very good midfielder . Then he made the Collingwood list and played there for a while but unfortunately ran off the rails and went down hill with bad form and finished up back with Preston. But a very hard at it player who showed great courage for his size. go zebs zebra :lol:
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Judging by the amount of collingscum fans who have switched to willy. An obvious conclusion can be deduced , Preston missed out on a golden opportunity. The filth would have loved it there Willy should have stayed with Footisgray or stood alone and who cares about the other afl team who is aligned with preston. Anyhoo - Hopefully shall be an excellent second week of finals football. GO BOROUGH!!!!
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Will you be down at Port over the weekend Foz? Haven't seen you in a few weeks mate.
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Just for the record I am true blue Williamstown supporter and have supported them all my life. No AFL affiliation, never have had. Have watched the Seagulls from Max Papley, through Barry Gill, Mal Allen (ex Port), Merv Hobbs, Terry Wheeler now Watched greats like Les Stillman, Dallas Patterson, Bill Thompson, John Fanning, Ian Fairley, Kevin Sait, Brett McTaggart, Troy West, etc... to todays crop. Went to the junction oval in the 70's to watch the gulls in lightning premiership games (remember a massive fight against Preston, against the boundary fence, and a old lady belting a willy player over the head with an umbrella) and went to all the '76 Div 2 finals games when Willy fell in against Northcote (4 pts) and, Frankston (2 pts) before wiping out Mordialloc in the grand final.