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100 Members!
Just a quick note to say that the site has notched up 100 registered members. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site, and I'd like to encourage all those anonymous users to sign up! You can register from the below link: [url][/url]
Congrats on 100 members :D
Great stuff guys. Just like to reiterate onslaught's comments , if you're just having a look , why not register ? This has the basics to become a great site. The VFL is building it's popularity every year ( I know it's not necessarily going in the direction evryone wants , but hey , feel free to talk about it here !!!!) and it can only help to have a site where you can read and contribute to exclusively VFL topics. If you happen to be a supporter of one of the clubs here that DOESN'T get a lot of attention , how about posting something ? Doesn't have to be profound ( shit , have a read of some of our rubbish !!!) , even just a hello under your club's banner would be great..........and please dont be afraid to be unashamedly biased , that's what makes footy at all levels great for mine. Again , well done onslaught.
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[quote="onslaught"]Just noticed a small milestone, with 'vflfootyfan' becoming the 200th registered member here. Welcome aboard![/quote] Just a quick thanks to everyone who has signed up on this board, today we notched up 250 registered members.


250 Members great effort Ons! You should start a poll and get all the members to nominate what team they barrack for, if any. Would be intersting to see what clubs have the most support on this site.