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Bullants find fighting spirit.

Northern Bullants 22.14.146

Bendigo Bombers 9.13.67

Rekindling the spirit that has been missing for the most part of its 2 year alignment with Carlton, a fired up Northern Bullants thumped the Bendigo Bombers by 79 points at Cramer St.

The victory is a major relief for the Bullants as to date 2004 has been a tumultuous year. Recently the club slumped to the bottom of the ladder after inglorious away performences against Frankston and Springvale.

In front of a large crowd the Bullants came out firing and led a disappointing Bendigo who had first use of a 3-5 goal breeze. The Bombers could only manage one goal for the quarter, which came from a poor kick in that ended up in the hands of Marc Bullen. Bullants coach Barry Mitchell attributed the goal to a sloppy kick in set up rather than a poor kick from Kade Simpson.

The Bullants 2nd quarter score of 10.8.68, eclipsed their score in 7 completed matches this season and put the game beyond doubt.

Giving away 7 cm in the ruck, Callan Beasy set the tone for the Bullants attack at the ball with a sterling effort against Tristian Cartledge. Midfielders Justin Davies, Jarrod Waite and Kade Simpson ensured that the Bullants were always going to have plenty of scoring opportunities.

Davies was also defensively good with his tackling a highlight of the game. Defence was the area of the game that the Bullants improved most and ensured that the Bombers were never going to get back into the game.

The Bombers resembled a rabble in the 2nd term and gave the Bullants a free ride with several undisciplined free kicks and on ocassions subsequent 50 metre penalties.

Gary Moorcroft and Sam Hunt were the main offenders with Moorcroft being benched before half time to the delight of the Bullants crowd after he had been involved in an altercation with several Bullant players. Full back Hunt had a game to forget, with his only highlight being a booming torpedo punt that reached the centre circle in the 3rd term.

The Bullants 2nd half was just as impressive as they crushed their dispirited opponent. Captain Brett Zorzi relished being on the forward line after weeks of being deep in defence. He finished the game with 2 goals as 13 players contirbuted to the Bullants total of 22 goals.

Marc Bullen and Ricky Dyson were the best for Bombers who had a day they'd rather forget.

The question Bullant supporters will be asking is will the spirit shown today continue next week in the unfamiliar surrounds of North Hobart.

Congratulations on a spanking win Bullants... Hopefully the club can use that victory to build some real team harmony for the remainder of the season.

Incidently, did you read the interview with Barry Mitchell in the footy record?