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Devils v Casey
2:00 PM ANZAC Day at Bellerive Talk in the local media is whether the G Train (a.k.a. Fraser Gehrig) will line up for Casey against the Devils. A few people would turn up just to see him play which is ok but I don’t see a player the Devils can play on him because we don’t really have any big gorillas. Besides the G Train I don’t see any of Casey St Kilda contingent being much hassle. The key I think is if the Devils can find a regular source of goals. Thoughts ?
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The devils do match up well with the scorpions. Even if Gehrig played, if the devils midfield got on top the ball would not get down to Gehrig in the first place. Would be a crowd puller if he played. No reason why he shouldn't play vfl as he was dropped and not rested. Why would a club just rest a player. Is he too good to play vfl ? I have seen many a player get dropped to vfl level and have either struggled or just gone ok. Remember when Richo played for Coburg at Preston. He went ok but did not dominate. It would also be a good test for some devils backman to play on a bloke like Gehrig. Bring it on I say.
should be a good game of footy... if only it was televised :roll: I reckon St. Kilda might take a couple spares to Adelaide so we might see a Casey outfit with 13-14 just VFL listed players playing, that will test out depth, but we be exciting at the same time. Hows Bellerive Thylacine? Carpet? Last week Tassie vs. Bullants was a funny game to watch on T.V it seemed the Bullants were domination, yet Tasmania got to within a kick. Wouldn't be suprised to see the G Train line up with us this weekend. Hopefully they can get a crowd of 5-6000+ and start to pull regular crowds again!
This should be a ripper game, was quite impressed with Tassie last week although they didnt win. Much improved from last season and I recon there good enough to take the points. Any of the Tassie guys know if Hazell is a chance this week??? I noticed his name playing for Hobart last week???
Should be a good game Bellerive looks great - would be great to play on - like a bowling green; although the middle is still a tad hard with the cricket pitch Hazell is supposed to be playing this week - which should be good; did not look fit in the practice games. I am not overly confident as the players Casey have coming back from the Saints along with draft picks strengthen them - is Tim Mohr playing? Thylacine is right they need some blokes to be regular goal kickers - Derbyshire has been a big loss Hopefully they play with a bit of grunt and confidence this week
[quote="taswegian"]is Tim Mohr playing?[/quote] Apparently took some time to get a clearance or something from Tassie? but has played the last 2 games in the two's. Kicked three and named in the best last weekend, so may be a chance maybe? But with Allen and Fraser doing pretty well up front and the possibility of the G! then with McEvoy and Ferguson able to be swung up forward, may have to keep pushing hard in the 2's. If rix plays at St. Kilda this week he may be a chance!
Looks like a strong line up for the Scorps
[quote="taswegian"]Looks like a strong line up for the Scorps[/quote]its not Fraser Gehrig you have to worry about its the awesome backline of Wall,Silvagni and Ferguson possibly the best defense in the comp. at the moment.
[quote="taswegian"]Should be a good game Hazell is supposed to be playing this week - which should be good; did not look fit in the practice games. [/quote] Don't know if he should play for the Devils yet. He has hardly set world on fire at Hobart in the SFL. Needs to strike some better form then get the call up. Surprised he was made vice captain to be honest. Doesn’t matter who Casey's defenders are when we haven’t got the targets. Derbyshire would of been handy but would not make a winning difference. Makes a forward line of Bartlett, Beames, Heatley and Callinan like a distant dream.
Hi new user here. Does anyone know if there is radio coverage of the Tasmania v Casey game. What station is broadcasting?
Good win for the Devils. the G Train (well held by Savage) was not a factor at all and won't be back in the AFL any time soon. Charlesworth was a worthy winner of best on ground medal. If the Devils keep this up prehaps they can sneak in to the finals?