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[quote="caseyscorp"] Quite correct. I never used to be too concerned sitting in the outer at Waverley Park in the rain. The bottom half of your jeans would get wet, but the rest of your clothes would stay dry. Warm hat, warm clothes and gloves and a raincoat with a hood and you were set. No need to move, because it was too uncomfortable and your seat would get wet. Now with the stands all covered in, and even the players playing under a roof, there is no hardiness at all.[/quote] You must've been the designer of the grandstand at Casey Fields with a comment like that!!!!! I agree with you, the fans are less likely to want to sit or stand in the rain for 3 hours now. Who can blame them? Most people lead busy lives the last thing they want is to come down with the flu cos they've gotten drenched at a VFL game.
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