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Port Melbourne redevelopment

Some encouraging news regarding the Port Melbourne lighting. The specs have been approved and we j should see lights capable of broadcast quality 1000 lux towers at up that should open up a host of exciting fixturing from next year. The lights are due to be installed late this year or early next year. Long overdue! I'm really looking forward to seeing night footy with the city backdrop at Port. 


Of course North Port you may know that Port and Williamstow featured up the road at the Old Lake Oval (South Melbs ground) in the second ever VFA night match for priemership points on Anzac Eve 24th April 1957.A crowd of 11,000 attended which included me and my father! Williamstown won by 2 points.

The night matches experiment only lasted for two seasons as the crowds dropped off due to poor choice of matches Coburg v Brunswick,Preston V Coburg  and Prahran v Yarraville by the VFA and bad weather.

Port only featured in three games out of the nine that were played over 1957/58

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Went to watch coburg beat east Perth in the ardath cup at south Melbourne in 1978. Coburg beat the Barry cable coached east Perth. Watched a night game at Toorak park under lights in 1977 where prahran beat Frankston by over triple figures in the McWilliams centenary cup. Port Melbourne beat Caulfield in the final. Will the great to see port Melbourne play under lights at their home ground. Maybe Williamstown can alternate each year for hosting a night game. Williamstown v werribee and werribee v port can do likewise.

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Billy .. I went to that game, can't rember much.


Hi Blackrocker, I was 13 at the time and the thing that stood out to me was the smoke rising from all the smokers in the crowd and how everything looked brighter including the white footy.

In those days both Port and Willy had very good followings sep the Seagulls who had won 3 premierships in a row.We also went to the first match but none of the others.

Unfortunately Sandy never got to play at night during that era.

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Billy, I also was 12 & bit  at that time.  That game was the first nightgame I attended.  I was aware by the brightness and how different the crowd noise was. Kicks seemed to go higher and further.   The high light of Willy's 3 premership was Port lost the three.


Not very nice "Rocker" !

There very sensitive you know.

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