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VFL Round 15 Frankston v Box Hill

Sterling effort by Frankston to almost pinch this game, leading all day until Box Hill hit the front for the first time half way through the last quarter, but in the end the Dolphs ran out of steam and just couldnt hold Box Hill against the wind. Box Hill  just too strong and too classy when it counted. Pittonet was outstanding for Box Hill, looks like one of those guys who is too good for the VFL but struggles in the AFL.

The wins are not on the board this year, and the statistics dont show it, but the amount of improvement in this Frankston team throughout the year has been huge. Collingwood would not want to take the Dolphs lightly next week...Good chance of Frankston getting a second win.

With good recruiting next year Frankston will be a very competitive team, they have a solid game plan and their structues are starting to hold, and with the right additions next year there will some wins on the board. Lets hope after that there will still be a VFL league to play in although it looks like Gilligan will be destroying the second tier leagues within a few years.

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Bearsman.. I was down at Frankston for the join Premiership reunions for Camberwell and Frankston's 1978 and 1979 premierships.  A brilliant day that I'll probaby split off into another thread.

I was fortunate enough to see the majorrity of the game.  Frankston were sensational but just couldn't close out the game.  The opening quarter with the breeze was sensational, and I thought the Dolphins endeavour and the work rate was very solid.

I reckon there is a huge upside to Frankston, and 2020 could see a marked improvement.


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Totally agree Nth Port. Thats been the theme this year - some great starts but not being able to play the game right out, but they are a very young inexperienced side and only need to add a few classy bigger bodied experienced players next year to be in the thick of things. 

A lot of credit has to go the the coach Danny Ryan.I was really doubtful about having a new coach with such a young team but my feeling is he is a very good coach and will be able to take this side up the ladder. 

Future certainly looks very bright for the Dolphs...

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