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Sandringham unveil new jumper

Sandringham releases clash guernsey for 2019


Sandringham has launched their new clash guernsey for the 2019 Hard Yakka / Totally Workwear VFL Season.

With up to three games scheduled at Moorabbin (RSEA Park) each season from this year, Sandringham and St Kilda jointly agreed on a clash guernsey that sees the traditional Saints tri-colours design utilised with the word ‘SANDY’ in the traditional Sandringham colours of yellow and black on both sides of the guernsey, as well as a blue collar and sleeves.


The Sandringham traditional guernsey of yellow and black vertical stripes with blue trim will remain the primary guernsey, with the addition of the St Kilda Football Club logo on the back.


The clash guernsey will be worn for the first time this Sunday at Marvel Stadium for the KPA Lawyers Round 2 Sandringham v Box Hill match.


The clash and traditional guernseys can be seen below.

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I find this offensive on many levels.  Initially I thought it was an April Fools joke that I missed.


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Realistically the club that was a powerhouse in the VFA/VFL during the 2000s looks to have prostituted itself to a whole new level.


Wally from Will...
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Billy is gonna just love this news ....

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There is nothing remaining of the great Zebra


Only to be expected when dealing with a bastard of a club like St Kilda

So who IS playing on Sunday Sandringham or St Kilda Seconds?The match is listed as Sandringham v Box Hill Hawks

Even got the disgrace of having the logo of the least successful club in VFA,VFL and AFL history on the back of the Sandringham jumper.I hope both teams get their arse kicked by the Hawks,

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Only a matter of time til Sandy capitulates and goes the way of Casey and Nth Blues wearing  their AFL "partner's"  jumper for all games making the takeover complete.

Bet on it.....

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And it's goodbye to Sandringham!


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Sandringham Zebras RIP


It's not too late to salvage something out of the wreck,Sandy can do exactly what Mordialloc and others did by leaving and entering a more suitable competition with it's dignity intact.

Chances are they will get shafted by the StKilda rabble at seasons end anyway so beat them to it.

Mordi are thriving,albeit in fairly weak comp[Southern fl] with a great ground and state of the art facilities,I'm sure Sandy could re-invent themselves in A grade ammos maybe,least they'd be a real club again with their pride intact,thoughts anyone?

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