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New ABC TV game choice - is it working?

Here's what we've seen so far this year:
Port Melb v Nth Ballarat
Frankston v Sandringham
Williamstown v Werribee
Coburg v Casey
Sandringham v Northern Bullants
Port Melbourne v Frankston
Box Hill v Frankston
Port Melb v Box Hill
Casey v Werribee
Werribee v Collingwood
Williamstown v Casey
Sandringham v Port Melb
Casey v Frankston

And still to come for the next three weeks:
Collingwood v Casey
Casey v Coburg
Nth Ballarat v Williamstown

My thoughts:
I'm sorry but the opening of a few concrete slabs or a commercial sponsorship from Eastlink doesn't warrant TV coverage of a particular match. Frankston have luckily been involved in two such matches this year where the home team has had 'events' considered by the VFL to be worthy of ABC coverage. For Casey v Frankston yesterday to be chosen ahead of the weekends other matches was a disgrace, and the 100 point + margin did not show the VFL in its best light.

We were told at the start of the year "best game" would be chosen. Yet we've seen the generally uncompetitive Dolphins four times, and teams like North Ballarat and the Bullants who have been successful on field have hardly appeared at all. We have not seen Bendigo or Geelong. Surely they're both as deserving as the Dolphins are?

Port and Casey have had three of their nine home games for the year on TV. And potentially more to come in the last month of the season.

Credit where its due - in the first five weeks, 10 different sides received coverage. That was a positive move.