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Make up of teams and comp in 2015 ? 10 questions for you
The comp changes from year to year with alignments, stand alone teams and the make up of the comp will vary. What will it look like in 2015 ? 1. Name your teams for 2015 and what alignments there will be and the standalone teams. 2. Also what would the comp be in 2015- will the sanfl and wafl teams join a national second tier comp ? 3. Will the afl ever have reserves teams ? 4. How many teams will there be overall in 2015 ? 5. Will there be another VFA reincarnated if the reserves were re introduces ? 6. Will there be any new teams from country or metropolitan areas either a current club or new ? 7. Will there be a miracle and one or two of the old VFA teams make a comeback. Don't forget Moorabbin resurfaced after 20 years ? 8. Will Sydney be a success if they join ? 9. Should Sydney reserves team be called South Melbourne ? 10. If the second tier went national should Brisbane reserves be called Fitzroy ? Can you answer all 10 questions with your opinions, hunches, most likely scenarios or wishes for 2015
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