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Likely make up 2008.
Alright: Bendigo Bombers Box Hill Hawks Casey Scorpions Coburg Tigers Northen Bullants Sandringham Williamstown (with Footscray) Northt Ballarat Weribee (both with the roos one would think, I don't think the Kangaroos have another option anymore! anyone beg to differ?) Frankston Port Melbourne Tassie Geelong Collingwood Seems to be what we're confronted with, a 14 team comp at least adds a smigin more respectability to the final 8 system in place. Does everyone else see it the way re. Weribee and the Roos or are Frankston still a chance. I think if Werribee are to only have a partial aliance then their has to be a closer junior club involved rather than Geelong and Western Jets. When do you think the VFL will make an announcement on next season, hopefully it will be next week, but with plenty of things still a tad rocky, i wont be holding my breath.
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